Supply Chain Efficiency

Even though the evaluation of supply chain management according to MMOG/LE evaluation MMOG/LE (Materials Management Operational Guidelines/Logistics Evaluation) was developed by Odette and AIAG, it is by no means a regularly required industry standard only by North American OEMS. Since its introduction in 2004, it has continued to become the global industry standard for SCM process evaluation. Since 2022, MMOG/LE has also been directly accessible through the VDA QMC network, is required by the first OEMs in Germany and Tier 1 suppliers and provides valuable assistance including a "Best Practice" collection for an effective implementation of logistics topics in the company.

MMOG/LE consists of two parts. The Full Assessment, which is generally used as a full assessment by OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. And the Basic subset, which can be used by suppliers in Tier N position with ambitions to expand the automotive business.

No matter what challenge you are having with MMOG/LE at the moment.


Presentation of the Global-MMOG/LE system and the basic tool landscape.

Definition of the necessary data input of the individual departments.


One-day accompanied assessment on site Tested methodological procedure (checklists, minimum requirements, guiding questions, assessment logic).


Analysis of the results and summary suitable for management. Documentation of assessment results by chapter for internal and external use.

Recommendations for action with evaluation of potentials for cost savings.

Sustainability CSR

Not only since the passing of the Lieferkettengesetzes (LkSG) and its entry into force in 2023 has the issue of sustainability within supply chains become binding. Since 2019, a corresponding rating in VW Group Supply (VW S-Rating) has been a direct award criterion. From quarter 4/2022, ALL business partners with a SAQ self-disclosure must complete and upload the corresponding questionnaire on the specially created NQC® platform. This platform represents an independent joint platform of the following OEM's. BMW, Mercedes Benz, VW Group, Ford, Honda, Toyota, FCA, Volvo Cars and Volvo Group.

We are happy to support you in creating compliant documentation or in answering the SAQ 4.0 questionnaire and provide assistance in interpreting the questions.

Secure your next award with our CSR Roadmap.


Together we discuss your CSR starting situation and prepare an appropriate GAP analysis.


One of our CSR experts will come to you and carry out a GAP analysis with you on the basis of the relevant questionnaire.


Following the GAP analysis, we create your specific CSR road map with recommendations for action, a resource plan and a timetable for your secure path to verification in the NQC platform.