0-defect concepts

0-Defect Safe Launch

Are you facing a new start-up or do you have an acute quality challenge with your customer or your suppliers? With our Audimus 0-Failure-Concept you will achieve your goals. Guaranteed! 

As experienced experts for series start-ups, de-escalations from special status, supplier development, audits and warranties, we not only have the necessary technical competence and know-how, but also the human and linguistic skills in every situation and escalation, to ensure goal-oriented working methods and to always keep the focus on the essentials. 

We claim that within a few weeks our commitment will be reflected as a countable profit in your supplier and customer relations. You should take us at our word!


Based on your FMEA and a joint process analysis, we determine your greatest risk areas. If necessary, we optimise the FMEA analysis and develop an optimised production control plan. Based on this, we define the further fields of action.


Now the roll-out of the individual quality gates takes place. Depending on the results of the definition phase, even location-independent firewall tests can be installed. The result is a complete isolation of the end customers against start-up problems.


From now on, the firewalls work for the end customer with real 0 defect rates. We solve the internal start-up problems together with you up to defined exit criteria.


Your quality gates and internal trouble-shooting are at a stable and plannable level. From now on, you can move into the planned standard series processes and cut back on the additional start-up safeguard measures.


Your customer has already escalated (Q-H:E:L:P, CSL, SQIP...)? Or one of your suppliers is on the verge of a supply disruption? The to-do lists are getting longer and longer. Valuable time is no longer invested in actually solving the problem. Instead, they are chasing from one meeting to the next and the organisation is busy with data preparation, report creation and presentations.

We achieve informal de-escalation with you within the shortest possible time. Trust us! The largest suppliers to the automotive industry do the same and achieve the defined exit criteria for de-escalation within a very short time.

How do we do that?

Our De-Escalation Concept is a modular system and can be implemented depending on the initial situation and acts like a protective cover to the customer. We create clear and efficient quality and communication control loops and ensure a sustainable elimination of errors with our Audimus 0-Fehler Matrix. After just a few weeks, significant successes are achieved for your team. This creates acceptance and ensures that the successful structures are maintained in the long term. We guarantee informal de-escalation within defined periods of time.