RGA & APQP support (advanced quality planning in the project)

Method protection and support of project phases to ensure customer requirements and quality planning

Does your customer require maturity protection for new parts? Or the APQP method? Within the IATF, these procedures are now additionally highlighted and have long been required in customer requirements!

We always have our specialists in appropriate projects and can provide you with a suitable resource within 48 hours. We are currently also very successfully supporting customers in the field of electromobility with interfaces to embedded software components. But we also have the right experts for your project for established products. Talk to us!

We cover the following technical orientation:

Electronic components, plastic injection moulding, extrusion, various casting techniques, assembling, stamping technology, turning technology, painting and surface technology such as electroplating and anodising, heat treatment processes, welding and soldering technology, engine technology, exhaust technology SCR, chassis technology, turbocharger technology, exteriours, interiors, high-voltage technology, cabling systems, electrical engineering



Stefan Liebig

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