FMEA Consulting & Moderation (D-FMEA & P-FMEA Moderation)

We are in direct contact with the working group members of the VDA in the current harmonisation of FMEA between AIAG & VDA.

Both in dealing with relevant FMEA software and pragmatic office applications, as experienced moderators from the field, we are an absolute guarantee for a technically safe implementation of FMEA in your practice. Together with your team we make sure that you get the added value for yourself and your products out of the FMEA events and do not fill pointless hours and sheets, which in the end nobody understands or in the worst case lead to pseudo measures and simply only cost money.

For the growing field of service providers in the automotive environment, we have already developed evaluation catalogues with our customers in accordance with the new FMEA (AP) requirements and thus set further unique selling points in this field. The combination of automotive production experience and translation into the language of the service providers (logistics service providers, engineering offices, etc.) is a rare expertise that we are constantly developing.

Our FMEA services for you:

Product FMEA, Process FMEA, Service Process FMEA



Stefan Liebig

Phone: +49 681 590 97 161