An audit is a useful instrument to ensure ongoing improvement of internal corporate processes. You can bank on us to get more out of this than simply creating documents, or – in the worst case – a meaningless commitment of resources.

The number of aspects to be improved is not relevant to the quality of work, because we question the core issues. We work with you to literally get to the point.

We avoid generating effects, by concentrating instead on the causes and identifying how you ended up in your current situation and how to get out of it. We question the benefit of the audit and make sure that it will be accepted by your team.

As a professional audit services provider, we have been contracted by top-notch OEMs and level one suppliers – and, hopefully, can count you among our customers soon.

We offer audit services on these topics:
IATF 16949; ISO 9001; VDA 6.3; VDA 6.3 Services; VDA 6.2; TISAX; ISO 27001; CRITIS



Stefan Liebig

Phone: +49 681 590 97 161

System Audit

Does that ring a bell?

Won’t be too long before the next auditor rings your doorbell. Are you worried about the status of your QM system?

Or do you simply want to be well prepared by knowing the weaknesses of your QM system in advance?

Rest assured that we are the right, experienced, third-party certified auditor for the ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 standards.

Production Process Audit

Clear analyses form the foundation for effective processes and the scope of improvement. Hence, before we commence an audit, we first investigate the interactions and risks of interfaces within your production processes.

We conduct a turtle analysis to prepare for the relevant audits, thereby ensuring effective and targeted results.

Post Audit Service

A good audit can be good, only if it is followed up and all required actions are taken. We assess the audit’s effectiveness and make sure the outcomes are transparent and comprehensible.

Our back-office monitors deadlines and takes care of the documentation. We work with you to keep an eye on the schedule and ensure that the contractual action items are executed as expected.