Negotiation serial damage?

Auditability of your field failure analysis process according to VDA or customer-specific e.g. GS 95004, MBN 10448, Formula Q?

Or do you simply want to reduce your warranty costs sustainably and efficiently?

Our expertise in this area gives them answers to the questions and helps them implement sustainable solutions.

With our Warranty Roadmap you receive a reliable and objective orientation on your current status right from the start. Based on fact-based findings, we define your needs for action, including a timeline and the resources required to achieve your goals. If you wish, we can provide you with an assessment of your savings potential and help you to reach your goal.

Our expertise lies in years of active role of global warranty responsibility of one of the largest Tier 1 companies in the automotive industry. We do not come from theory! We have been living the practice for years and shape the theory in the industry standards of the VDA QMC as an active working group member Field Failure Analysis.

With our strong cooperation network of specialists in data analysis, specialist lawyers for warranty and product liability as well as outstanding experts, we are always at your side as a strong partner, even in special questions.

  • Warranty Roadmap
  • Audit preparation (IATF 16949, GS 95004, MBN 10448, Formula Q, VDA Field Failure Analysis, etc.)
  • Recall management (incl. risk assessment)
  • External analysis of warranty data (regular & special recourse)
  • Establishment of processes (Field Failure Analysis, NTF, recall, regulatory and special recourse, market surveillance, etc.)
  • Training of your employees (warranty management, product safety, failure analysis, defect rectification process/complaint management, method training)
  • Negotiation support (serial damage, year-end fee settlement, GW agreements)
  • Targeted support for customer escalations (Q-H:E:L:P, Field Readiness Programme ....)